MAO's 5 POINT AGENDA Dr. Makanjuola Akindele Owolabi




With emphasis on education as a goal for modern human capital which is deployable for modern agricultural and other industrial businesses and enterprises.
We will guarantee improved funding and judicious use of resources for free and compulsory education at Primary and Secondary levels in Ekiti State.

The Details:

a. We will cooperate with federal and local governments for markedly improved financial allocations for Quality Education at all levels.

b. We will regain the lost glory of Ekiti State as the Fountain of Knowledge and Land of Honour in Nigeria by promoting functional and qualitative education as well as by ensuring that no Ekiti State citizen or resident is denied any access to quality education on the grounds of lack of funds, educational materials, conducive learning environment or disabilities.

c. We will reduce drastically every form of illiteracy as well as promote both spoken and written English, Yoruba and French languages.

d. We will make education functional and relevant for modern living with ICT and Entrepreneurship skills and practical hands - on trades and enterprises.

e. Compulsory primary and secondary school education for the girl - child will be enforced in Ekiti State.

f. We will promote mid - meal provision in both primary and secondary schools in collaboration with federal and local governments.

g. We will ensure Renovation and Upgrading of dilapidated schools and university structures plus furniture, textbooks and e-Libraries for students and teachers in Ekiti State.

h. We will improve the provision of Scholarships up to Ph.D. levels for the most brilliant students in order to encourage others and as a reward for academic excellence.

i. We will improve Logistics and Financial Imprests with transparent accountability for teaching teams in schools plus deliberate provision of accommodation for the core teachers and inspectors for better performance. Additional classroom/lecture rooms or theatres, laboratories and hostel facilities will be provided for better quality education in Ekiti State.

j. We will motivate teachers to be current with modern instructional and teaching audiovisual methods and aids.

k. We will consider one additional boarding school in each of the local government areas as a result of increasing population pressure on existing ones.

l. Ekiti State will sustain the payments for WAEC / JAMB /NECO registrations in SS3 for all qualified candidates. Moreover, school enterprise and modern IT courses in all our
secondary schools will be promoted.

m. We will facilitate Stakeholders Forum to address the problems and challenges with education in Ekiti State.

n. Our government will provide more funds and other material support for all technical and vocational schools in the state in order to produce self - employed school leavers.

o. We will ensure the promotion and support for Adult Education programmes especially in Agriculture, IT fields, Personal & Public Hygiene plus Sanitation in each local

p. We will provide more funds and support for Researchers in areas relevant to improved societal and individual quality of living, productivity, peace and social welfare of Ekiti people.

q. Finally under our agenda for education, we will ensure critical improvements in school / university curricula in all areas of education with necessary linkages, collaboration or partnerships with Nigerian or overseas educational institutions of and for global excellence in education.





Provision of high quality healthcare with necessary Attitudinal change of healthcare personnel, health education, women empowerment and the provision of Ekiti Health Insurance Scheme (EKHIS) for comprehensive but affordable yet high quality Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare services in line with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and National Health Act guidelines.

The Details:

a. We will pay attention to and improve support for improved access to high quality yet affordable healthcare services for all people in Ekiti State.

b. We will introduce modern perspectives for comprehensive health using World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and my expanded and copyrighted "I AM SAFE" Checklist for the attainment of all health related Sustainable Development Goals in Ekiti State as well as for improving the life expectancy and the quality of life of Ekiti people.

c. We will improve the provision of modern medical, surgical and nursing equipment as well as the provision of drugs and consumables for all public hospitals and primary healthcare centres or facilities.

d. We will refurbish and equip all existing general hospitals as well as construct and equip new ones while upgrading our teaching hospitals up to global standards and best practices.

e. We will enforce Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuous Medical Education (CME) of all medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, paramedical and allied
healthcare professionals and hospital administrative personnel at all levels. We will ensure noticeable improvement in the condition of service of these healthcare workers.

f. In the rural areas, we will ensure the provision of basic and affordable healthcare services and facilities as well as the availability of portable water, public toilet facilities and hygienic methods of refuse and sewage disposal systems.

g. For ensuring sound bodies and sharp minds of Ekiti people as well as for getting our youths off the streets after school hours, we will ensure the provision of sporting facilities in each local government and major towns as well as upgrade the existing stadium at Ado up to international standards.

h. Government will promote inter - school / college sports competitions as well as an Ekiti Soccer Team, among others, in order to enable our youths to participate in national soccer and other sporting leagues. We will consider a dedicated Sports Academy for the training and other preparations of the youths for participation in global tournaments.

I. We will promote an annual State Sports Festival as well as arrange scholarships for young sporting talents discovered in and from Ekiti State. In this regards, private sector
participation and involvements will be highly encouraged.

j. Government will upgrade and equip Oba Rufus Adejugbe General Hospital at Ado as well as others for optimum efficiency and productivity. Specifically, in collaboration with
the NHIS and Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), we will ensure necessary health insurance coverage for the Formal sector (civil servants), Community - based Social Health Insurance enrollees, Voluntary Contributors Social Health Insurance enrollees, Tertiary Institutions' enrollees, Public - private partnership Social Health Insurance enrollees and Vulnerable Group enrollees (pregnant women, under five - year old children, prison inmates, retirees and the elderly or aged).





We will intensify all efforts towards the provision of Power (plus Rural Electrification); Portable Water; Roads; Bridges; Affordable Housing; Lobby for Rail link to Ekiti State; and a dedicated Agricultural Cargo Airport or Aerodrome. We will seek alternative solar and other renewable and cleaner forms of energy or power generation in collaboration with domestic and international private sector investors with Public - Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements.

The Details:

a. We will embark on a programme of integrated rural and urban development with priorities in agricultural education, training, hands - on skills acquisition and relevant research plus deliberate rural electrification in Ekiti State as pillars for her infrastructural improvements for a knowledge- based economy of the twenty first century.

b. We will develop a Young Farmers School Programme in collaboration with NDYE, CBN, BOI, BOA and international development partners for the acquisition of industrial skills especially in Poultry, Fishery, and Cash crops cultivation, among others.

c. We will promote the establishment of modern markets near farming communities with nearby roads, bridges, railway link and air transportation link for agricultural and
industrial goods for national and international trading facilitation.

d. Government will promote more Forestry Reserves per senatorial zone along with those at Ikere, Ise, Egbe, Aramoko, etc.

e. We will provide Storage Facilities to enhance all year round farming. Government will act as Bulk Purchase Agency under a PPP arrangement with items to be sold to other states of Nigeria or overseas outlets.

f. Ekiti State will collaborate with and lobby the Federal Government of Nigeria to upgrade and maintain interstate roads and bridges to Ekiti as well as complete existing state roads and all water / dam projects.

g. We will ensure that Ekiti State Works Department is supported and encouraged to rehabilitate township roads as well as to upgrade or construct modern motor parks at Ado, other local government headquarters and some major towns of the state.

h. Government will ensure the provision of Electric Transformers and Feeder Pillars, Meters, among others, to enhance constant power supply to Ekiti State. Moreover, we
will seek alternative ways of generating clean energy using Gas, Solar, Wind , etc.

i. We will make a deliberate effort to improve Ire Burnt Brick factory and establish two more to cover all senatorial building needs. In this regard, government will improve the
provision of Housing Loans to public servants. We will develop Arinta Water Falls of Ipole Iloro - Ekiti to world - class tourist venture status; develop Erinjiyan Tourism
corridor, Esa cave in Iyin and Olosunta Hill in Ikere for international tourism.





We will focus on and develop Mechanized Agriculture and Industrialization with simple, modern and affordable mechanized farm implements under a programme of deliberate Integrated Rural Development with small/medium scale businesses to reverse rural - urban drift of our youths and to provide massive employment opportunities with the development of whole value chains for several identified revenue - yielding crops.

The Details:

a. We will pay greater State attention on Agriculture as the mainstay of the economy to contribute over 80 per cent of State GDP as well as employ close to 90 per cent of the work force in the rural areas.

b. Government will develop and sustain policies to make agriculture more attractive and profitable economically in collaboration with BOA, BOI and CBN for necessary financial
and technical credits, grants and loans so as to attract investments into agriculture. On the long run, this will ensure the availability of the raw materials for industries and specific agricultural whole value chain developments in Ekiti State and Nigeria.

c. In collaboration with the private sector and donor agencies, government will help to organize Cooperative/ Trade Societies in each local government for large - scale farming along with necessary financial management training skills for the effective utilization of
allocated resources. In particular, we will make Ekiti State the Nigerian leader in the production and development of the entire value chain for Cocoa from the farm to

d. We will involve and motivate private sector investors globally in the provision of highly subsidized farming tools, weeding and storage chemicals, fertilizers, agrolysers, pest control methods, improved seedlings, fingerlings, livestock breeds, etc.
e. In collaboration with the private sector, government will resuscitate, improve and modernize the Ikun Dairy Farms.





We will ensure good governance with incorruptible leadership, financial accountability and discipline, maintenance of law and order, adequate security with community involvement and participation, the Deliberate promotion of a dozen Solid Minerals identified in Ekiti State, environmental protection, development of Sports Tourism, social welfare programmes, youth empowerment anchored on entrepreneurship
development, respect for federal and state judiciary, respect for the separation of power and House of Assembly independence, and the involvement of Ekiti Traditional
Rulers in modern community leadership.

The Details:

a. Government will ensure increased State economic development and poverty alleviation programmes along with youths and women empowerments in all her
programmes. We will collect databases of unemployed, misemployed and unemployable people in Ekiti Land by categories of age, skills, qualifications and talents.

b. Government will utilise PPP to facilitate the creation of businesses by each community. We will contribute 100 per cent counterpart funding for every amount contributed by each community. In this regard, existing "Local Contents" Government policy will be encouraged for indigenous, honest, trained and hard - working personnel by all contractors of government projects.

c. We will lobby the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish one or more Nigerian Army battalions as well as an Aviation (Helicopter & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- UAVs)
Flying School or College with private sector investments in Ekiti State to further enhance state and overall national security and Nigeria's integrated transportation system.

d. We will seek and collaborate with private sector investors to upgrade Ikogosi Warm Spring facility to an enviable international tourist centre in Nigeria. In this regards, we
will facilitate the construction of a five - star hotel in Ekiti State.

e. We will promote intra and inter - community peace, love and harmony among all citizens of the state in order to maintain security and peace which are essential to facilitate tourism and encourage massive private investments into Ekiti State.

f. We will establish in each senatorial zone a modern Multipurpose Town Hall facility with dedicated ICT Centre and Lecture Hall / Auditorium with proper Police security and
community ownership and involvement fully guaranteed.

g. We will promote the Entertainment Industry with the establishment of a modern Film Village in Ekiti land for movie producers. Moreover, government will review the cost of lands and encourage banks to invest in low cost housing schemes with special loans and mortgage facilities in order to boost the morale and productivity of our public servants.

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